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Rehab Programme

Day 1 – 1st Visit

First visit was on the 29th March. This lady had bitten nails and confessed to picking them daily too!

Started with a light colour to help build confidence – enough colour for my lady to notice the difference but not too noticeable for others to be drawn to look at the client’s nails.

Day 8 – 2nd Visit

Can already see regrowth.........

Day 8 – 2nd Visit

Chose a more noticeable colour with sparkle!

Day 16 – 3rd Visit

Polish removed ... WOW! We now have a Free Edge (the white bit at the tip) on all fingers!!!

Day 16 – 3rd Visit

The colours are getting darker - and my client even had a flower on the baby fingers as she is soooo pleased with the growth!

Day 30 - 4th and FINAL Visit

AMAZING!!! Polish is removed to reveal Healthy nails!!!


THE RESULTS!!! Regular use of solar oil, regular visits and now my client is rewarded with RED Gelish! These nails can wear ANY colour and can now begin fortnightly visits like everyone else!! BRAVO!!