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CND Shellac/Harmony Gelish Application

CND Shellac is a power polish that provides flawless wear, superior colour and mirror shine for up to 14 days, providing the correct aftercare advice is followed.  Harmony Gelish is the #1 Gel polish in the UK that offers zero dry-time and can last up to 21 days.

Includes file, shape, cuticle care and a Shellac/Gelish colour application.

Selected Nail art included and Rockstar nails are also available.

CND Shellac Application for Fingers or Toes£19.00
Harmony Gelish Application for Fingers or Toes £19.00
Fingers and Toes Together£33.00
Removal of CND Shellac/Harmony Gelish
(Complimentary removal if Shellac or Gelish is re-applied)



A revolutionary two system nail treatment, the first of its kind working inside the nail to target imperfections and damaged nails to allow for stronger and healthier nails to grow long.

Provides added protection under Shellac/Gel polish.

Treatment for the Repair of Damaged Nails or Strengthening for Hard to Grow Nails1st Application - £11.00
Subsequent Applications - £7.00
For Protection and Strength under Shellac/Gelish1st Application - £7.00
Subsequent Applications - £4.00

Luxury Manicure

Includes nail shape, cuticle care, exfoliation treatment & lower arm and hand massage.

Without Vinylux®** Polish£16.00
With Vinylux®** Polish£19.00

Mini Manicure

Shape, Cuticle Care & Vinylux®** Polish £13.00
Vinylux®** Application on Children aged 5 - 15 Fingers or Toes
includes basic Nail Art/ Nail Stamping


Gift Vouchers Available

*Patch test is required 48 hours before treatment

**Vinylux® is a breakthrough polish that can last up to 7 days without a base coat! Exposure to natural light activates the patent-pending ProLight Technology™ to deliver week-long wear. While ordinary polishes break down over time, VINYLUX® Weekly Polish actually becomes more durable! Air dries in under 9 minutes!!